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What is SuperB

A revolutionary energy-saving design

Electrons and positrons, circulating in a vacuum chamber 1.8 km in circumference, located underground, will be brought into collision using the innovative new "crab waist" design, recently tested at the INFN Frascati Laboratory.

The crab waist concept could also form the basis for other complementary projects as the SuperC-Tau factory in Novosibirsk for tau-lepton studies. The detector, with a variety of systems inside a large superconducting magnet, observes and analyzes the new particles and antiparticles produced in the collision.

The current generation of electron-positron colliders, in the United States and Japan has prepared the ground for the more sensitive investigations possible with SuperB. They are unable, however, to produce a sample for study that will open the window to the early universe. Doing so with modifications of the current facilities would consume an unacceptable amount of electrical power.

The revolutionary design of SuperB, on the other hand, allows production of a hundred times the existing data sample with power consumption below that of the current generation of facilities. The new design will allow us to accelerate, then collide, electrons and positrons in tiny bunches that are only 40 nanometers across, 2500 times smaller than the width of a human hair, or only twenty times the size of a single turn of a DNA molecule.