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Welcome to SuperB

We are an international enterprise aiming at the construction of a very high luminosity asymmetric e+e- flavour factory.
The physics studies possible at such a machine will provide a uniquely important source of information about the details
of the new physics uncovered at hadron colliders in the coming decade. A heavy flavour factory such as SuperB will
be a partner, together with the LHC and eventually the ILC, in ascertaining exactly what kind of new physics has been found.


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SuperB sets the team who will build the accelerator

The management team for the construction of the SuperB accelerator was defined during the last collaboration meeting, held in late March at the National Laboratories of Frascati. SuperB is the core of the Cabibbolab, the international centre for fundamental and applied physics, sponsored by the National Institute of Physics Nuclear and University of Rome Tor Vergata. Researchers of international level and some of the best experts in particle accelerators in Italy and worldwide were appointed to the main responsibilities for the construction of the machine, which design has been developed since the year 2005 thanks to different countries' skills and resources. They were designated team's leaders, Walter Scandale, professor at the Université de Paris-Sud 11, director for the technology infrastructures, and Alessandro Variola from the LAL laboratory of Orsay (France), who was appointed head of the accelerator's department. Fifteen of the 20 departments heads of the team originates from the accelerators group of the National Laboratories of Frascati and figure among the best experts of accelerators in the world.

"This choice confirms the tradition of excellence of the Infn Frascati Laboratories in the field of accelerators of electrons and positrons, an history of technological innovation that began with the birth of the laboratories and has been uninterrupted till today," said Umberto Dosselii, Director of the National Laboratories of Frascati.

The Frascati National Laboratories are the motherland of the innovative idea that will allow the SuperB accelerator to obtain unprecedented scientific results, improving the performance of the accelerator by a factor of 100 if compared to existing accelerators of equal energy. The wide-angle intersection of the beams of electrons and positrons colliding at SuperB is one of the strength points of the project. The technique is based on ideas developed and tested with the Daphne machine by the Frascati Laboratories Accelerators' team and will allow the packets of colliding particles to move on the same path, thus increasing considerably the effect of the impact. This will produce a huge amount of collision events, largely raising the probability of detecting physical processes, which are currently very difficult to observe. By studying known particles' rare decays, in particular, small effects could be shown, which are not predicted by the theory: this will permit to investigate some of the most fascinating mysteries of modern physics, such as the origin and evolution of our universe and the disappearance of antimatter.

"Research infrastructures are made possible thanks to the financial resources necessary to improve and build the technologies, but they are primarily made of people - said Roberto Petronzio, Director General of Cabibbolab - This choice for the core team who will lead to the construction of the accelerator, in particular, confirms the close cooperation with the National Laboratories of Frascati."

Within five years the Cabibbolab project will lead to the construction of the SuperB accelerator on the campus of Tor Vergata University. In addition to its fundamental physics goals, the accelerator will be immediately available to the international scientific community with a multidisciplinary infrastructure providing advanced experimental tools for condensed matter physics, biology, nanotechnology and biomedical studies.

This last collaboration meeting represented also the opportunity to approve the statutes of the international collaboration involved in the construction of the SuperB detector.

"The accelerator team formation gives further impetus to the international scientific community who has been working, during the last years, to develop the goals of physics and the experimental project - said Marcello Giorgi, research director of the Cabibbolab - The SuperB collaboration looks now at a near future to give a substantial contribution to the study of fundamental interactions of matter, in a complementary way of the experimentation at the LHC. The SuperB detector project is already at an advanced stage and the Technical Design Report, the detailed design for the construction of the experimental apparatus, will be published in the next months."


Francesca Scianitti - Cabbibbolab Press Office
+39 066868162/ +39 3474600445

Roberto Petronzio - Cabibbolab General Director
+ 39335356843

Marcello Giorgi - Cabibbolab Research Director
+ 393486515317

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