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We are an international enterprise aiming at the construction of a very high luminosity asymmetric e+e- flavour factory.
The physics studies possible at such a machine will provide a uniquely important source of information about the details
of the new physics uncovered at hadron colliders in the coming decade. A heavy flavour factory such as SuperB will
be a partner, together with the LHC and eventually the ILC, in ascertaining exactly what kind of new physics has been found.


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Research, Italy-Russia summit, Gelmini signs on a collaboration on nuclear research

http://www.istruzione.it/web/ministero/cs260410 Today during the Italy-Russia summit at Lesmo the Italian secretary for research and university, Maria Stella Gelmini, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian department of research for the realization of two important projects to support the research in the area of nuclear fusion. The collaboration comprises the research projects called "IGNITOR" and "SUPER B". The "IGNITOR" project plans the realization in Russia of an innovative experimental fusion reactor that will be used as an energy source. The "SUPER B" project plans the construction in Italy of an innovative particle accelerator that will collide particles with high intensity, allowing the study of the "heavy quarks".
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