How to Join Us How to Join Us

General guidelines

General mailing list:

If you have only a generic professional interest in the SuperB scientific program and would like to be informed of the major events regarding the project, you can ask to be included in the general mailing list using this E-mail message template.

New SuperB institution:

If your institution is not a member of the SuperB detector collaboration, please contact Christopher Hearty, the chair of the membership committee, for information on how your institution can join the project.

New person at an existing SuperB institution:

If you are at an institution that is part of the SuperB collaboration, the principle investigator or any other SuperB member at your institution can request that you be added as a member or associate by filling out the "New user registration" form. The principle investigator will then be asked to validate the request. 
Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your LDAP account, which is required for full access to the SuperB website, wikidocument and software repositories.

Accessing additional resources:

After you have activated your LDAP account, follow these steps to get access to additional resources:
  • If you are not registered with the INFN indico system, you will need to obtain an account to register for or submit materials to SuperB meetings.
  •  To contribute to SuperB software development or physics analysis, you will need a CNAF account.  (The INFN-CNAF contact person for SuperB is Paolo Franchini). 
  • If you need to access SuperB resources on the Grid, you should register with the SuperB virtual organization after you have obtained a CNAF account. 
  • You can sign up for various SuperB mailing lists at You do not need to register for a Sympa account unless you will be administering a list. 
For questions or problems, please contact Lucia Lilli.