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What is SuperB

Links to industry

Close cooperation with industry will be necessary to meet the stringent requirements of the complex, high-precision systems of the SuperB accelerator and detector.

The industrial sectors involved include micro- and optoelectronics, precision mechanical control systems and telecommunications. Computing systems and computer science will also benefit, as the information from the SuperB sensor systems must be quickly transferred to a computing facility with tens of petabytes (1PB = 1000TB = 1000000 GB) of storage space so that scientists can search through the voluminous data while looking for evidence of the unknown high energy universe, developing computing technologies (such as the web and the grid developed in the recent past) that can be exported outside the world of particle physics very quickly.

tubi_carbonio Micromachined carbon tubes for the inner detector part (SVT)
cristalli2 cristalli
Samples of industrial production of large size Ce:Lu2SiO3 crystals, which are more compact, have higher light yield and greater resistance to radiation damage than those currently used. They will ensure improved performance in the measurement of electron and photon energies